A Complete guide to sharpen your extremely dull knives

A Complete guide to sharpen your extremely dull knives

When it comes to handmade knives sharpening job, then do not consider this job as a mystic art. You have to do this job with utmost safety. Just go with a little practice and you can easily sharpen all kinds of knives. You just require a sharpening stone and a dull knife which you want to sharp!

Steps to sharpen your dull knives quickly and easily

  • Before you start off with this knife sharpening task, you have to check its edge. Do this testing by slicing the skin of any fruit, be it apple or tomato. This way you will know that how much your handmade blades needs sharpness
  • The next step is to run the sharpening stone right under water. You have to set and fix it on a dampened dishcloth later on. By running this sharpening stone under the water, its friction aspect will get reduced. This reduction in friction is going to heat up the blade and your sharpening job will become quick. This dampened dishcloth will hold the stone at its place while you will perform the sharpening assignment.
  • Hold the knife right there in your right hand. the blade of your knife should be facing away from you. The heel knife has to be set against the stone upper left corner. Tilt the blade at 20-degree angle.
  • You have to maintain this angle. Pull the knife blade towards you as well as across the stone. To sharpen the other knife side, you have to flip your knife over. Hold the knife in your left hand and let the blade to face away from you.
  • If you have sharpened the one knife side five times, then repeat the same process five times on the other side as well. Keep on testing its edge during this job. Your knife will get completely sharp when it will be able to slice-off the apple or tomato skin.

important things to remember during sharpening

  • You have to keep a constant eye on the 20-degree angle. You should avoid making an angle too much perpendicular. By doing so, your knife edge will further become dull. There has to be enough contact between your knife edge and sharpening stone.
  • While you are going to test and check the sharpness, you should first test the tip of the blade, the middle part of it and also the back side of it. The evenly sharpened knife has to be your final target.
  • It depends on your knife size and handles that what position of the blade should be finalized.

You can try out this guide now and sharpen your dull knives. For more guiding details and easy tips, keep connected with us. Instead of buying new knives and discarding the previous one, it is better if you understand this guide and renew your dull knives by sharpening them. Let us know if you have performed this kind of job beforehand, did you get successful in sharpening your knife properly or not!

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