Let the home be the topic of discussion for kitty parties

Let the home be the topic of discussion for kitty parties

Want to be in the limelight for once? Want to dazzle your friends and family (and to be honest yourself?)with your unpredictable and mind-boggling home? So, go for it? Look at your home the same old place which can be your new canvas. So, take the back seat as your unique ideas and creativity take in charge of your home and bring your home into life by pouring your extraordinary personality into it.


Yes, head for this space first. You can change the floors and paint it white or maybe use some tiles of natural wooden colour. Colour all of your cabinets black without any hesitation, except for the handles which you’ll be painting a shade of brass or golden. As for your kitchen top? It can be as white as snow. Add open shelves and place all your favourite cookbooks. It is mandatory to have at least one plant. Your sink and taps must be in sync with the golden or brass shade of the cabinet holders. Too monotonous and dull for you? How about a few stools of orange or red shade?


Add tiles to your bathroom. Tiles are always in trend but the fact that you can mix and match various tiles of different colours, patterns and texture will allow you to have the bold, unique and dramatic effect it had lacked for so long. Yes, right behind your bathtub or sink mix the tiles rather than laying eyes to the monotonous ones. Their different heights and sizes don’t matter either. Let that wall stand out because of the tiles.

Too modern for mix and match sass? Go for mosaic mirrored tiles to give the place behind your sink the touch of sophistication and class you want.


Back to the most important room. Keep it simple and tasteful. Add a small wooden table at one corner of the room, the one that was lying vacant all this while. Go ahead and add a vintage looking circular mirror on top off the table. A vase that is made out of ceramic to hold your favourite lilies or daisies. Have a handcrafted wicker basket underneath the table to store some essentials of yours. Need a chair? To snuggle up with your favourite book and a cup of hot chocolate? Add a vibrant chair which can be chrome yellow or burnt orange. Go for a rocking chair and throw some sheepskin on it too for that ‘wow’ factor. The lighting in this room should be subtle and soft. Add bedside lamps and some candles for that empty window sill. You can even add your favourite cacti.

Living room.

Add a shelf, or a table to your beautiful lilac coloured living room. How about something pretty to organise your daily mails? Maybe in pistachio. A mirror to go on top of it. A perfect combination of navy and blush pink. A transparent, glass vase, a photo frame or two for your favourite memories. Need some colour, do you? How about a bright and beautiful wall hanging?

Add a sofa which is a dark shade of grey, spice it up with some cushions, the more, the better. It can be white with minimal prints or vibrant coloured or even multicoloured. You can also mix it up. Add a simple padded bench with a variety of cushions on display, a side table with a top of green chevron. Some decorative plants for the corners and candles well rested in beautiful, handcrafted stands.

If you want some colour to your living room rather than the minimalistic monotones, the how about painting the wall adjoining the fireplace a shade of dark and rich peacock blue? Contrast the rest of the walls with lilac. Add, some lamps of a yellow shade.

A vibrant blue sofa with printed cushions on it. Add a cosy and stylish chrome yellow chair to the opposite side of the couch.

Rugs? Keep it sexy and trendy. Keep it sexy and fashionable. Have a white carpet with a zig-zag of black lines. You can have a round, wooden centre table resting on top of the rug. Place a beautiful hand painted white vase on the table with some of your favourite books. Some hanging ceiling lamps and voilà your living room is as pretty as a picture.

You’re the only one who should decide the way your house needs to look. Don’t follow the conventional rules set by society and stand out in the crowd with your ideas and views and celebrate the new-found artist, creator and designer in you. Visit Deal Voucherz now to get hold of some fantastic deals and offers for furniture shopping and lots more!

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