Incredible Ways to Make Use of a Chef's Knife

Incredible Ways to Make Use of a Chef’s Knife

No doubt that a chef’s knife can be called a do-it-all king knife, if you have a knife block then the king position in that block is given to this knife. For our slicing and dicing jobs, then for our chopping job, we rely and dependent on this knife most of the time. But this is the not the end use of this king knife, there are more incredible functions which are displayed by it. If you have already used Damascus steel knives then you can try using a chef knife.

For Crushing seeds and whole spices

  • If you think that it is a messy job when it comes to crushing whole spices then just use a surprisingly performed chef knife and watch the great results with your eyes. If you do not have a mortar and you want to crush the spices then this job can be done by a chef knife.
  • Just teach yourself to get a chef’s knife and crush these seeds and whole spices easily. You just have to move the flat side of this knife blade right over the seeds and spices and then press down further by using your fingertips.

Turning garlic cloves into a garlic paste

  • If you are about to make a garlic bread and you want to quickly turn the garlic cloves into a flavorful paste then this job can be done in seconds by a chef knife. Take hold of a chef’s knife and shift these garlic cloves into some pungent as well as flavorful paste.
  • You can start this job by first mincing all of the peeled garlic cloves, then sprinkle coarse salt on them. It will be this abrasiveness of the salt which will help out the garlic to break down easily. Now drag and move the sharper blade side, this is it!

Garnishing leafy greens and herbs

  • For the instant garnishing of herbs and leafy greens, the use of a chef knife is just a step away.
  • With the use of this chef’s knife, you can garnish and cut the thin ribbons of these leafy greens as well as fresh herbs.

Scraping out the seeds of vanilla beans and chile

  • What you need to do if you are given the task of scraping out the seeds of vanilla beans and chile, you can use your chef’s knife.
  • It is with the help of this knife that you can slice open these flavour boosters. You only have to run the dull side of knife blade inside of the chile, vanilla bean in a gentle way so that you can scrape out and extract the seeds easily.

The Job of Smashing garlic cloves

  • A large number of recipes requires the job of smashing garlic cloves, so just use the flat side of the chef’s knife and get this job done.
  • You need to lay down the flat side of a knife on each and every whole clove and then push down with the help of a heel part of your hand.

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