An overview about coffee latte

Black Latte

An overview about coffee latte

Latte drinks made with a fairly large amount of foam milk. People love ice coffee in summer.  In winter it belongs to latte. They love to sit inside on a chilly day with a hot latte. But a coffee should not be a coffee shop treat.  A cappuccino is very similar to steamed milk. But it has great percentage of foam milk. A latte is good source of calcium. A macchiato has no stream milk in it. But it has little cup of milk foam.  All of these coffee shop drinks are actually are on a continuum.  People take fancy foamier to make foam milk at home.  It is also easy to make in microwave. All one need is shake non fat milk in a jam jar. Shake it until it becomes foamy. Take off the lid. Now microwave it for few seconds.  This way it is easy to0 get a spoonful of foam. Now add warm milk to Black Latte.

It is most popular pure form of stream milk. Coffee has both advantages’ and disadvantages’ in life. It causes madness. At the same time it cures the laziness. It is a gift from heaven. Caffeine is the most common substance in the world.  A little amount of caffeine is there in coffee.  It effects on the human body.  But a coffee is a complex drink with lot of substances in it.  Bad quality of coffee has a lot of harmful substances. These toxic substances cause sickness.  If one drink 80-100 cups in a short session. This amount of dose can kill them.  The amount of coffee that is safe for human consumption is actually there in DNA. Coffee affects the fetus.  If a woman is pregnant she should not drink more than a cup of coffee. This will reach the baby. Caffeine harms the baby.  Reduce the coffee intake to one cup a day.

A latte has become popular these days.  It easy to find coffee shops nearby now.  A small size of latte contains about 77mg of caffeine. There are many factors that affect caffeine content of latte. A great latte starts with a perfectly pulled shot of espresso.   This means quality coffee beans were fine. The shot stops before the cream turns white.  The streaming of milk is also important. Stream milk need to be smooth. It should have tiny air bubbles.  Now heat it properly. Now pour the stream milk slowly. Pour it in fashions that send some cream to the top of the cup. A mocha coffee tastes like a flavoured hot chocolate.  It tastes like a chocolate dipped candy cane. This is perfect to give someone.  A vanilla latte is one of the favourite drinks of kids. The can be hot or iced. Though they contain a good amount of coffee. It tastes like dipped sugar cookie into coffee.   A chai latte tastes like tea with milk. It is definitely something which people love.  This drink is beautiful. In simple terms it is steam with milk topped with foam.

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