Web Hosting – What Is It and How Does it Help?

Web Hosting

Web Hosting – What Is It and How Does it Help?

Web hosting allows any organization or person to feature their website on the internet. It is the physical location of your website that consists of all the content that comprises your website. A web hosting service provider grants you with the technology needed to view your website over the internet while managing the server that stores the data.

When anyone wants to use your website, they type your web address or domain into their browser and their computer connects to the server to deliver your webpage to them.

A web hosting service is assessed according to the amount of disk space you require for your webpage. The more content you have (such as images, videos and documents), the more disk space you will need.

Features Expected in a Web Host Provider

The most common features you can expect your web hosting provider to offer are as follows:

Email Account

Most hosting providers will provide you with an email service as well. Hence, you can create an email account with your domain name, where your site visitors can contact you. The number of email accounts provided might differ from service to service.


It’s vital for your web host provider to have your back 24/7. Hence, it’s necessary to use a host that will provide you with customer services any time you need it.

File Transfer Protocol

FTP refers to the process of transferring your files from your computer to your web hosting server and vice versa, allowing you to upload your website files to the provider’s server as well as to download your files from the server back to your computer.

Bandwidth and Speed

A number of web hosts offer unlimited bandwidth, but it usually means a high price tag. On the other hand, limited bandwidth will result in extra charges once that limit is reached and you need further access.

It is important to choose a provider that can offer your desired amount of bandwidth without affecting the performance of your website and being out of your budget.

How Can Web Hosting Help Your Business

Web hosting not only helps viewers access your website, but it also makes sure your website runs smoothly 24/7. This is an extremely important advantage in today’s technological world, where everyone demands quick access and may leave your webpage if their demands aren’t met.

Which Type of Hosting Do You Need?

When it comes to web hosting, your first choice should be Ahead Host. It provides you several packages to choose from. The package you select would depend on your needs and budget.

Shared Hosting

Starting at $3/month, it provides multiple sub domains and FTP accounts.

Reseller Hosting

Starting at $18/month, it offers custom nameservers and free migration.

DMCA Ignored Hosting

Starting at $5/month, it gives you 24/7 support and a one-click installer.

Shared Hosting

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