Young Dolph- A trendsetter of sorts

Young Dolph- A trendsetter of sorts

You can compare the fact that Young Dolph is a success story in the world of rap. His followers have gone on to touch the 2.5 million mark and more is waiting to happen. How much is Young Dolph net worth would be another prudent question on your part? This would be all for someone who has never given music as a serious career till now. In fact, 5 out of 6 last releases have gone on to topple the charts. Thinking out Loud the last album which was an October release was in the top 20. All this took place when he was the subject of attack. There was nothing that makes him take a back step. He took up to work with an open arm.

If you compare his early childhood days his family went on to move to Memphis. It was when he was just 2 years old and there were 2 sisters and brothers along with him. In the album” Preach” he went on the state this claim. His mother was on the streets then who went on to raise him. In one of his songs, he went on to explain once upon a time both these parents were smoking crack. In the year 2008, he had a car crash where his life was almost over. In the same year, his dear grandmother went on to die from lung cancer. As per the words of the great man, all of them were his wake up call. At this juncture, he began the journey to sing songs. This was a difficult journey for him on a personal level as well.

Since 2008, he has been part of mix tapes along with his set of friends. All of them were part of freestyle sessions together. All his releases have been under his own banner and he has gone on to stop various big companies. This would be considering the fact he has gone on to reject big deals. At the same time, he would be open to options as well.

In recent times this great man went on to explain a situation that has been the subject of botheration. It was so much that he put the bins out in the open. This was in relation to a $ 22 million deal that he was planning to accept for the last 6 months. This contract was pretty much in his own hands. There were various discussions at the back of his mind whether to accept the deal or not. In the end, after a lot of thought, he was of the opinion that independence was the best course of action.

This he took to the social platform and gave an explanation of the situation. There would be no comparison in terms of rap. For this that was a piece of shit, to be honest. He was of the opinion that a degree of pride automatically arises when you are going to become independent.

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